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Rubber Safety Play and Sports Mats: Installation

There are two ways in which your rubber mat surfacing can be installed. Where a good level sub-base is already in place mats can be SURFACE MOUNTED. Using ramped mats on the edges and corners to avoid a trip hazard and to ease accessibility to wheel chairs. Alternatively the mats can be FLUSH MOUNTED to meet the level of the surrounding area.

Ideally the area of groundwork should be flat and level. Where circumstances dictate that the play mats must be installed on an incline the slope must not exceed 1:10.

To comply with the European Standard, the internal measurements of the surfacing must extend to a minimum of 1.5m beyond any extremity of the playground equipment.

Excavation should be to a minimum of 150mm plus the proposed overall depth of safety mats. PCC [Pre-cast concrete] or suitable edging for your requirements, edging 900mm x 150mm (post formed) to be installed in straight lines and at an even plane, bedded and hauched with 100mm class E concrete with rounded edge to outside. (Please see diagram).

Lay a minimum 75mm depth of compacted M.O.T. type one stone, to a finished level not exceeding plus or minus 8mm in any direction under a 3 metre straight edge.

The compacted stone level to finish below the top line of PCC edging to allow for the exact thickness of rubber safety mats and 75mm of concrete oversite.


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